Big Stone County, MN

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Emergency Management

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Emergency Management Director: Dona Greiner

Deputy Emergency Management Director: Krista Hartman

20 SE Second St
Ortonville, MN 56278

Phone: (320) 839-6379


Big Stone County Emergency Management Directors’ Office is responsible for four basic phases involved in a disaster. Mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery.

  • Mitigation refers to the precautions taken to prevent disasters or lessen the harmful effects of unavoidable disasters.
  • Preparedness is planning and training for potential disaster’s and emergencies.
  • Response includes all those actions taken to lessen the impact of an actual disaster or emergency.
  • Recovery involves actions taken to return communities and their citizenry to their pre-disaster state, including measures to enhance future disaster preparedness.

Emergency Alerts

Click on the following link to register to receive Big Stone County emergency alerts: Everbridge Alerts. After you click on the link, it will bring you to a registration page, click on the words sign up and enter your information to register.

What functions does the office do when there isn’t a disaster?

Revisions to the county plan, along with compiling periodic reports and reviews that need to be submitted to state offices. In addition and to promote smooth operations of Law, Fire and Emergency services, plans for scenarios must be promulgated and then an exercise of those plans must be practiced. Ongoing training in many aspects of the job are attended to keep abreast of the potential impact they may have upon Big Stone County.

I thought this office was Civil Defense?

It was called that until 1974 when congress enacted the Disaster Relief Act (PL 93-288). That is the time when there was a shift from enemy attack mentality, to natural disaster mitigation, response and recovery. That same year gave birth to the Department of Emergency Management for the state and FEMA for the federal government.

What functions does the office perform when there is a man made or natural disaster?

The Emergency Management Director office is a combination command and control, and resource management allocation/acquisition one stop shop. We are the publics’ source for information, we work hand in hand with law, military, fire, rescue, DNR, environmental, Salvation Army, Red cross…every entity that would be involved in a disaster will liaison with the County Emergency Management Director.