Big Stone County, MN

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Environmental Services

Feedlot Management

Big Stone County has been delegated by the State to permit feedlot activities since 1995. In 1996, the county adopted it's first feedlot ordinance to deal with certain aspects that are beyond the scope of the state rules (setbacks, conditional use requirements and allowable animal units per quarter). On October 23, 2000 the state rules were revised and then in 2003, Big Stone County also updated their local ordinance. Click here to view the BSC Animal Feedlot Ordinance, 2003. One of Minnesota's most substantial changes requires that all feedlot owners or operators register sites over 50 animal units with a delegated county or with the state. The registration deadline was January 1, 2002. Click here for the feedlot registration form which has an animal unit conversion chart on the last page. Operators over 1000 animal units are also required to apply for a NPDES permit. The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) permits feedlots over 1000 animal units. Go to for other facts and information regarding feedlot regulations or to review the newly revised rule. There is no fee for registering and the operator will be walked through all the necessary permit applications. Please call our office with specific questions in regard to your operation.

Big Stone County wants to ensure that citizens are aware that:

  • The legislature provides funds to counties to implement state feedlot regulations and that the amount is primarily based on the number of feedlots in the county.
  • The posted NRBG reports show the amount and kind of work that was done as well as the cost to perform the work.
  • The County Feedlot Officer (CFO) should be contacted if there is interest in additional details.