Big Stone County, MN

big stone lake
Environmental Services

Water Planning

Big Stone County adopted its first Comprehensive Local Water Plan in 1991. An update was completed according to State requirements in 1995 and most recently in 2003.

The Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources (BWSR) provides an annual Natural Resource Block Grant that allocates funds for administering the local water plan and to implement projects and programs that improve water quality.

The grant is further subdivided into five categories that more specifically target water quality issues:

  • Feedlots
  • Shoreland
  • Sub-surface sewage treatment systems
  • Water Planning
  • Wetland Conservation Act

A local water plan committee consisting of farmers, citizens, state and local agencies and county commissioners, among others approves projects and expenditures within the Water Plan budget. Projects vary with some of the on-going projects being well-sealing cost share, support of the Ortonville fourth grade class wetland restoration project, and rural drinking water well testing for coliform and nitrates conducted by the Ortonville High School students. For more information on the local water planning program or to become involved please call our office.