Big Stone County, MN

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Family Services Helpful Links

Public Kiosk Access

If you are accessing this page from the public kiosk in the Family Services reception area, please be aware that you will not have access to the entire Inetnet. Access is limited to allowed web sites only, which are included in the list below.

Helpful Links

If you have general, non-emergency questions, you can email our agency. Along with your question, please include your address and phone number. A representative from the agency will contact you by phone within two working days or by mail if you do not leave a phone number. If you do not leave a phone number or address we will not have a method to reach you.

Responses will not be made via email.

Do not provide any sensitive, private, or confidential information such as social security number, specific health issues, or date of birth, etc. when using the email address below.