Big Stone County, MN

big stone lake
Tax Statements

Courthouse Hours

Monday - Friday
   8:00am - 4:00pm

Courthouse Address

   Big Stone County
   20 2nd St SE
   Ortonville, MN 56278

Credit Card Instructions

Start by entering your house number in the search box below and pressing the Enter key.

Find your house in the list below, and click on red parcel number.

This will open the county GIS web site. Once the county GIS site is open, wait for details about your parcel to appear, then select Tax Payment from the pull down menu, and click the Go button.

Property tax payments paid by credit card will have a 2.5% fee added. You will see this fee added at the end of your transaction, before you approve payment.

Tax Statement Search


  • For the best search results, enter the address number only. If your address is 1234 Jones Street, enter 1234 only.
  • If your parcel number is 01-1234-000, you can enter the exact parcel number with dashes, or you can enter 011234 or 011234000.