Big Stone County, MN

big stone lake

Contact Info

Cindy Nelson - County Treasurer

20 Second St SE
Suite 103
Ortonville, MN 56278

Phone: (320) 839-6395
Fax: (320) 839-6370

Services and Responsibilities

The Treasurer is the chief financial officer of all county funds and cash assets, and handles all funds received or paid out by the county. This position is elected every four years.

The Treasurer is responsible for investing all county money pursuant to Minnesota Statutes. Securing of collateral to protect Big Stone County funds and determines terms of investments.

The Treasurer’s Office is responsible for the mailing of the tax statements annually, along with the collection of all real estate, mobile home, personal property and delinquent taxes. Big Stone County has approximately 6,500 tax parcels. Places delinquent property tax parcels into judgment, administers forfeiture proceedings and sales according to statute.

After each tax deadline the Treasurer must reconcile all collections for accuracy and pay out to each taxing district their appropriate share of the taxes collected, annual collection totals $5,000,000. All real estate transactions for property located in the county are processed through the Treasurer’s Office either to collect deed or mortgage registry tax, or to make changes to the ownership of property. The office also does a trial balance each month for the County Auditor as a check and balance. The Treasurer is also the holder of surety bonds for auctioneers.

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