Big Stone County, MN

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Veteran's Service Officer

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Dan Meyer

11 Second St SE
Ortonville, MN 56278

Phone: (320) 839-6398
Fax: (320) 839-6399


The Big Stone County Veterans Service Office provides assistance in filing applications for hospital enrollment, service and non–service connected compensation and pension. As well as dental and optical care that can be obtained from the State Department of Veterans Affairs provided one meets the eligibly requirements.

Can I go to the VA for my health care?

Yes. The criteria for enrollment are that you served 181 consecutive days in the military not counting training.

Are there income guidelines for VA health care?

There are seven categories that the VA uses. In its most simple form the first six categories of veterans do not pay for their care. The seventh, which many do fall into, must abide by the following interpretation. VA may furnish any needed hospital and outpatient care to all veterans not listed in the first six. This group is known as category seven and includes non-service connected veterans and non-compensable zero percent service connected veterans with income and net-worth above the statutory threshold who agree to pay co-payments.

Will the VA pay for my prescriptions?

Yes. In most cases there is a $9.00 co-pay.

My wife and I are retired and on a fixed income, is there anything the VA can do for us?

Yes. If you qualify under the income guidelines and are a veteran of a war time period. The VA uses a formulary in which medical expenses are deducted from your income to calculate the rate of pay you and your spouse will receive.

Can I go to a Veterans Nursing Home?

Yes. Both you and your spouse can go to a Veterans Nursing Home. One of the many advantages to a VNH is that you may transfer assets in joint tenancy to one or the other and the VA will not consider this in their calculations as to your monthly charge. This can be done 1 day prior to admittance.